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The cost of purchasing new electric motors can be very prohibitive nowadays which is why many people turn away from this type of business. As a result, there are now refurbished electric motors where old and even obsolete models can work as good as new. This clearly helps individuals obtain huge savings with their electric motors.


There are two main types of electric motors and they are AC and DC motors. Both of them have their own uses and utilities to make them run and operate efficiently. In general, AC and DC motors are used in cars and for industrial purposes but of course you can find a number of them at home.  If you take a good look around your house, you will find that your place has a lot of electric motors. These include pieces of equipment and units such as microwave ovens, blenders, can openers, mixers, refrigerators, washers and dryers, vacuum cleaner, electric saw and drill, furnace blower, and even your electric toothbrush.




Contrary to popular belief, remanufactured or reconditioned electric motors are actually sturdy. Even though they are used electric motors and simply refurbished to fix some broken or old parts, our team can provide assistance to come up with high quality results that can even be compared with brand new products. Reconditioned motors are cheaper than new units. Aside from that, they can be the solution that you can choose to reduce or even eliminate downtime when you are using the motors for your business.


Companies that make use of electric motors for heavy industrial applications, such as waste water treatment, mining, and manufacturing, need to ensure that their operations continue no matter what. However, problems may arise including motor breakdown which can happen a lot. This is why many turn to refurbished motors because they can lessen downtime. This is especially true when we can offer to ship them on the same day that they are ordered. Repairs may take time which is why this is not always a good option for busy industrial businesses.


Brand new electric motors usually carry a very high price tag. This makes used and remanufactured electric motors the best choice for some businesses. When a motor stops working, you can contact us to ship one to your location in an instant. Therefore, work is unobstructed and you get to finish any operation successfully.  We can also collect the faulty unit and estimate a price on repair to keep as a spare unit to avoid any downtime in the future.


Rayles Rewinds offers refurbished or re-manufactured electric motors that stand up to the most rigorous standards.  Call or request an estimate today on line.

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